BrewDog Nanny State Non Alcoholic Beer Review. Amazing stuff

brewdog nanny state i bought and drank for this review

Brewdog is a UK brewery that has been making waves since it launched on the scene. They have entered the non alcoholic beer market with a number of beers. Is Nanny State up to their usual high standards?

About Nanny State

The original Nanny State, was brewed as a retaliation to media stories about their 18.2% Tokyo beer. Suffice to say the media were not impressed and didn’t think they should be releasing the worlds most alcoholic beer.

Nanny State was their response; a liquid protest if you will.  BrewDog said “The beer was designed to make a statement and provide a paranoid hop overdose for a politically correct generation.” Whatever the means!

We’ve seen time and time again, brewing a 0.5% or lower beer is tough. Especially a low calories, low sugar one. 

Nanny State has 45 IBUS, meaning it is quite bitter and hop forward. They brew it with more hop varieties than normal, namely centennial, amarillo, columbus, cascade and simcoe hops. Then it is and dry-hopped with centennial and amarillo.

As it that huge hop hit isn’t enough, they use 8 different types of speciality malts as well. These combine to give Nanny State huge backbone and mouth feel that belies its non alcoholic nature.

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This is an important for non alcoholic beers. Some pack the sugar in for flavour and mouth feel. If you don’t sometimes you run the risk of the beer feeling empty and like fizzy water.

Calories – 6kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrate – 1g

Sugar – <0.1g

Alcohol – 0.5% ABV

This is without doubt the best nutrition profile in a non or alcoholic beer i have seen. Best in that it is the lowest calorie per 100ml, hardly any carbohydrate and basically no sugar. This is pretty much unique and its a hats off to BrewDog here.

If you are switching to non alcoholic for weight loss reasons, as highlighted in my article here, then you can not beat this beer.

How will this translate into taste and flavour. Will the extreme lack of calories, carbs and sugar leave this feeling empty?

Type of Beer

BrewDog Nanny State is a pale ale. This means its is brewed using an ale yeast and predominately pale malt.

The Look

The colour is quite dark, maybe more in line with an amber ale than a pale ale. It made a nice head but it disappeared quickly. I don’t think that matters too much tho.

The Aroma

You can definitely smell the hops and malt barley. Thats a good sign. For that colour of ale, if you couldn’t smell anything you’d be worried.

There is plenty of citrus on the nose too, some pine, which you’d expect given the hops involved.

The Taste

My word! BrewDog are not wrong! This has massive amounts of both hop and malt barley flavour. There is an explosion of bitter hops. True be told, you are not missing alcohol or sugar.

You aren’t reaching around for what is missing because you are trying to process the massive amount of flavour that is there.

This is amazing in terms of any beer, not just the non alcoholic niche.

The varieties of hops adds big citrus and pine flavours. If you like big IPAs and pale ales then you like this. It’s that simple

The Verdict

What a fantastic offering from BrewDog. To have the lowest calorie, lowest carbohydrate/sugar beer out there but to pack it so full of flavour is a modern day beer miracle.

The Score

9/10. Superb by BrewDog. Chapeau.

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Where to buy

You can buy these absolute beauties in a number of places.

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BrewDog Notes


If you think low alcohol equals low taste, think again. We made a hardcore beer and left the alcohol out. Nanny State breaks the curfew and slips under the radar.

A brigade of speciality malts and North American hops sends bitterness to the brink and back. Squeezing this many hops in, and the alcohol out, is a testament to our craft.

Nanny State – no compromise, no surrender, no alcohol.

Review Overview

hat a fantastic offering from BrewDog. To have the lowest calorie, lowest carbohydrate/sugar beer out there but to pack it so full of flavour is a modern day beer miracle.


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