Big Drop Double Strike Sour Beer Review

Big drop Double Strike i bought and drank for this review

About Big Drop Brewing Co

Big Drop are a UK company but are expanding all over the world and have not entered USA. You can chart their expansion via their website

In general im a big fan of the brand. Some of my favourite non alcoholic beers are from Big Drop, Galactic Milk Stout and Pine Trail IPA to name but two. There have been one or 2 clangers tho so this one could still go either way.

What type of beer is Double Strike?

Double Strike is a sour beer.

A sour beer is a beer that has been intentionally made sour or tart with the addition of acids. The traditional sour beers are

  • Belgian lambics
  • Gueuze
  • Flanders red ale
  • Gose
  • Berliner Weisse

The Ingredients

The main bulk of my reviews are not sour beers so i am excited to see what extra ingredients are used to make one and what they add to the flavour.

You won’t be able to make this type of beer with just water, grains, hops and yeast, that is for sure.

Double Strike has…

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Malic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Black tea
  • Malt vinegar

Well there you go. 3 acids are added (vinegar is acetic acid) along with the bitter black tea which is also acidic.

Malic acid is responsible for some of the sour or tart taste in fruits such as apricots, blackberries, cherries and grapes

Citric acid comes from citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons

Malt vinegar, um, goes on your fries!

How will all these organic acids combine into a beer that is tasty and drinkable? I am skeptical to be honest.

Double Strike Nutrition

So how do all these acids affect the nutrition? Do they contain calories, do you need a lot more carbohydrate or sugar to balance it out? I am keen to find out.

Double Strike’s nutrition stats are…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 16kcal
Double Strike Nutrition Profile

So this beer is pretty low in calorie. 16kcal/100ml is good. There isn’t a lot of overall carbohydrate at 3.5g/100ml which is the reason for the low calorie count but the ratio of added sugar to carbohydrate is particularly high.

3g/100ml of added sugar is high for a light coloured beer and maybe this needs the sweetness to try and balance out the sour tart taste. Let’s have a taste to find out.

For a full article on the calories, carbs and sugar in non alcoholic beers then read my article on it here

Is Double Strike really alcohol free?

You can see from my picture, the can says “alcohol-free” but that doesn’t mean it is 0.0% ABV due to different labelling laws. 

UK and US law says only beers with an ABV of less then 0.05% can use alcohol free terminology. Big Drop are likely using EU laws here where anything up to 0.5% ABV can be called alcohol free. Clear as mud, eh?

0.5% ABV is still “non alcoholic” by law tho.

Despite having x10 more alcohol than a true alcohol free beer, the amount of alcohol in Double Strike is still nothing to be worried by. 

Many food stuffs have a higher ABV such as apple juice and even ripe bananas can get to 0.4% ABV.

You can read my entire article on how to tell how much alcohol is in a non alcoholic beer here

If you would like to find out why breweries like this go for a 0.5% beer rather than a 0.0% beer then read my full article on that here

The Look

Distinctive big drop branding. The lime green and hot pink does scream big flavour…

The beer looks pale, inoffensive and bland. I sense a trap.

The Aroma

I’m not going to lie, it smells of pure vinegar, back for a second sniff and no better. I don’t think im gonna like it

The Taste

Sour it is. When you bring it to your mouth the first thing you get is the vinegar smell which isn’t pleasant. After that it nearly breaks into a beer type flavour before going off on a sour tangent again and finishing on a long lingering weird taste.

Do you think I like it then? Look, it is a sour beer and it tastes sour. I don’t know why I thought it would be different. It just isn’t for me

I would love to wax lyrical about all the flavour nuances can pick up and the difference in the acidic tastes but i just can’t drink anymore of it, sorry.

The Verdict

There will be many out there that love this. Most of the rest of the range is brilliant so I’ll not hold it against them but I couldn’t drink more than I needed for this review. The rest went out.

The Score

4/10 – I feel bad. It tastes like it is supposed to I presume. It is sour, I just don’t like that. My personal taste is all ive to go on so it gets a poor score but if this is your jam, have at it.

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Where to buy

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Is Double Strike Gluten Free?

Paradiso Citra IPA is gluten free as confirmed by the company.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Double Strike Vegan?

Yes, Double Strike is vegan and confirmed by the company

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

I feel bad. It tastes like it is supposed to I presume. It is sour, I just don’t like that. My personal taste is all ive to go on so it gets a poor score but if this is your jam, have at it.


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