Big Drop Brewing Off-Piste Hazelnut Porter Review

Big drop off-piste hazelnut porter i bought and drank for this review

Big Drop Brewing Co are a fantastic non alcoholic brewery that is spreading across the world at speed.

Their hazelnut porter, “Off-Piste” is their only porter so will it live up to their usual high standards.

What type of beer is Off-Piste?

Does Non Alcoholic Beer Taste The S...
Does Non Alcoholic Beer Taste The Same

Off-Piste is a Hazelnut Porter. You can probably guess the Hazelnut part means it is flavoured with Hazelnut.

A porter is well-hopped and dark in appearance owing to the use of brown malt. The name originated from its popularity with street and river porters.

They are sometimes confused with stouts.

The Nutrition

Alcohol – 0.5% ABV

Calories – 20kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrate -4.4g per 100ml

Sugar – 2.3g per 100ml

IBU – 10

A fairly standard nutrition profile. Calories pretty low, there is a bit of extra sugar but not too much.

An IBU of 10 means it is not bitter at all. There is a limited hop bitterness hit here.

The Look

Big Drop have beautifully styles cans and beers with their own colour theme. The cans looks better to be fair.

The beer itself is a dark and cola coloured. There wasn’t much head and it went almost immediately.

The Aroma

There is a nice perfume of caramel, malt, chocolate and coffee. It definitely makes you want to drink it.

The Taste

It is funny how the mind tricks you. I know this is not a stout but the colour tricks you into thinking you are going to get a stout consistency. So when it is a standard beer consistency and fizziness it throws you a bit.

As for flavour, there is bags of it. You get everything you would expect…

  • chocolate
  • toffee
  • malt
  • coffee
  • hazelnut

Im a fan of this. I do like a dark ale type flavour. The malted barley, toffee, chocolate flavours go well in a beer.

This one is surprisingly light without being too light and watery. You can taste some sweetness but again it isn’t too much.

The Verdict

Another goal for Big Drop Brewing Co here. They rarely miss do they?

The Score

8.5/10. Excellent beer and i will be drinking again.

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Hazelnut porter

Where to buy

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Big Drop Notes

We think this beer does exactly what it says on the label, the luxurious chocolate notes from the porter and the deliciously moreish hazelnut flavour combine to make this ale almost a chocolate bar in a glass, a genuinely delightful indulgence at any time of year.

Review Overview

Im a fan of this. I do like a dark ale type flavour. The malted barley, toffee, chocolate flavours go well in a beer.



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