Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot 0.5% Review. Grape juice or gold?

Artis Alcohol removed Merlot <0.5% which i bought and drank for this review
Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot

Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot (<0.5% ABV) is a big supermarket offering for a non alcoholic or dealcoholised wine.

It certainly is cheap but does that translate to rubbish flavour or is this a gem awaiting to be found?

What type of wine is Artis?

This is a merlot.

Merlot is Americas second favourite red grape variety after “king” Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot grapes can grow in a variety of climates and its most famous wines are from Bordeaux right bank (think Petrus).

It has a soft, easy, round texture that makes it perfect for beginners and easy drinking.

It is sometimes looked down on as it has soft tannins and limited flavour around the palate being mostly tasted on the tongue.

How is Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot made?

Wine can be dealcoholised in 1 of 3 ways…

  1. Spinning cone column – This is the most efficient method. It is designed to extract and recover volatile compounds (the delicate flavours in the wine) using steam, under vacuum conditions. It is a far gentler process compared to other extraction techniques meaning more of the wine flavour is retained in the final product.
  2. Vacuum distilation – A two stage distillation is used to remove the aromatic compounds. It can be done at 30 degrees due to the vacuum so as not to damage the compounds
  3. Reverse Osmosis – very high pressures, instead of heat are used to force the wine through a fine filter to separate the alcoholic from the aromatic compounds.

There is no information on how Artis dealcoholise their merlot.

The Ingredients

Artis Merlot has…

  • Dealcoholised merlot wine
  • Grape sugar
  • Preservatives

Having added sugar in a non alcoholic wine is pretty standard, the exact amount is the big issue. How much is added?

The Nutrition

Dealcoholised red wine is the absolute hardest non alcoholic drink to crack. It is so hard to replace that alcohol weight, flavour and mouthfeel.

One way some do is with added sugar but that doesn’t go down too well with a red, it can make it take a bit like a fruit drink

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 20kcal
Nutrition Profile

There is a decent bit of added sugar here but the calories are pretty low and i’ve seen higher sugar levels. Hopefully they have packed flavour in as well.

The Look

The bottle and label look promising. They are well styled and you might pick it up for a read form the shelf.

The wine clear and has a deep red colour. It looks like a glass of merlot, will it taste like one?

The Aroma

There is a limited nose to be honest, i get hardly anything although i think the wine is a touch colder than id like.

After a bit of warming and holding, you can pick up some blackcurrant or dark suit smells but it is still pretty muted.

The Taste

Oh dear, i’m not a fan immediately.

It tastes like a cheap grape juice to be honest, my wife tried it and thinks so too. It isn’t helped by the fact, like a standard poor merlot, you only get flavour on your tongue and a complete absence of anything around the mouth.

There are no tannins or anything else fancy you might like around your mouth. It’s a bit sweet, very watery and limited fruit flavous to pick out. There is a faint aftertaste which isn’t brilliant either.

Any flavour that does materialised doesn’t linger and is off again in super quick time

The Verdict

Can you guess i’m not a fan? I cant see why you would pick this up, certainly not for a second time. It is very cheap so if you’ve never had a non alcoholic wine you might buy this and then never get another.

It is better than Fre Merlot, which has 50% more calories and at least 50% more sugar. You can read my review on that here

The Score

4.5/10 – The cheapness and relatively low calories are the only slight redeeming factors. I forget this literally only costs £2. Pretty low and expectations should be equally as low.

Is Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot gluten free?

Yes Artis Merlot is gluten free. No grains are used in the product.

Is Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot vegan?

Artis Alcohol Removed Merlot is vegan, there are no animal products used in it or its production.

I cant find their website but Sainsbury’s confirm on their website that it is suitable for vegans

For more information about why all wines are not vegan, read my article on the matter. I guarantee you will be surprised!

Review Overview

The cheapness and relatively low calories are the only slight redeeming factors. I forget this literally only costs £2. Pretty low and expectations should be equally as low.


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