Are Non Alcoholic Stouts And Porters Lower In Calories?

Im from Ireland, so it’s natural that i love a stout. Guinness is the obvious one but there are so many craft alcoholic and non alcoholic stouts and porters out there these days. They are traditional beers but still growing in popularity.

The question is, are non alcoholic stouts and porters, lower in calories than their alcoholic equivalent? Additionally, where do the stand in calories vs the rest of the non alcoholic beer market?

Are non alcoholic stouts and porters lower in calories than alcoholic stouts and porters?

From my study sample of 9 non alcoholic stouts and porters that i have tried and personally reviewed, the average calories was 24kcal per 100ml and 85.2kcal per 12fl oz serving.

I also sampled the calories of 7 alcoholic stouts and porters. I found that on average they contained 48.1kcal per 100ml and 179.1kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This means that on average a non alcoholic stout or porter has 93.9kcal less per 12fl oz serving and contains only 48% of the calories of an average alcoholic stout or porter..

Over 50% reduction in calories is huge isn’t it? A pound of fat is apparently about 3500kcal. so if you switch from drinking alcoholic to non alcoholic stouts and porters, you would be 1 pound lighter after 38 non alcoholic stouts or porters than alcoholic ones.

Alcoholic stouts and porters are so much higher in calories for 2 reasons.

  1. They are often higher in sugar and carbs. This category of beer is usually sweet and needs good body
  2. Stouts especially can have some of the highest ABV scores in the beer world. Imperial stouts can be anything from 7-13% which packs a huge calorie punch.

Are non alcoholic stouts and porters lower in calories than alcoholic beer in general?

Alcoholic stouts and porters are on average quite a bit more calorific than the general beer.

On the USDA website they have details on what they think is the average beer and their average alcoholic beer has 43kcal per 100ml and 153kcal in a 12fl oz serving. I undertook my own study which had a sample of 35 alcohol beers, all with non alcoholic equivalents. This showed an average of 43.2kcal per 100ml and 153.3 in a 12fl oz serving, which is basically the same as the USDA, so they probably got it right!

Using these USDA figures (which are the same as mine), then comparing non alcoholic stouts and porters, we see it has 67.8kcal fewer calories per 12fl oz and only 56% of the calories. Not quite as good as comparing like for like but reassuring to know they are still lower in calories than alcoholic beers in general.

How do non alcoholic ales calories compare to a general non alcoholic beers?

Non alcoholic wheat beers have less calories than alcoholic beers, 50% less in fact, but how do they compare to the rest of the non alcoholic beer categories?

From my study of 110+ non alcoholic beers, i calculated the average calories in a beer was per 22.6kcal and per 100ml 80.1kcal per 12fl oz. 

This means that that a non alcoholic stout or porter has about 6% more calories on average than a general non alcoholic beer.

Type of BeerKcal per 100mlKcal per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic dark2485.2
Non alcoholic beer22.680.1
Alcoholic dark48.1170.1
Alcoholic beer43153
Calories in Stouts/porters comparison

Why are non alcoholic stouts and porters higher in calories?

The raw score of 6% more calories doesn’t tell the entire story of non alcoholic stouts.

There is a big range with Guinness 0.0 having under half the calories of other non alcoholic stouts. This is somewhat of an anomaly.

In general, a stout or porter, with or without alcohol, needs a decent body which comes with carbs. They are also usually slightly sweeter with a higher added sugar. This can come in the form of non fermenting sugars like lactose. Lactose adds a creamy, silky texture to the beer and head as well as sweetness.

Table of non alcoholic and alcoholic beers and calories used in calculations

The table below shows all the stouts and porters that i have included in my calculations. The non alcoholic versions are all beers i have bought and reviewed for this website. You can see where the fit into my overall ranking on my “The Best Non Alcoholic Beers” page.

BeerType kcal/100mlkcal/12fl ozBeerkcal/100mlkcal/12fl oz
Guinness 0.0Stout1656.8Black sheep milk stout35124.25
Drop Bear Bonfire StoutStout1760.35murphys 35124.25
Nirvana PorterPorter2071Guinness 37131.35
Nirvana StoutStout2071Guinness West Indies Porter40142
All OutPorter2588.75Super Bock Black 47166.85
Off-Piste Hazelnut PorterPorter2692.3Budweiser Budvar48170.4
Galactic milk stout 0.5%Stout2795.85Guinness Dublin Porter53188.15
LolaCoffee Porter32113.6Brooklyn Black chocolate90319.5
Brulo Dry Hopped StoutStout33117.15Average48.125170.84375

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